Hot Products at ECRM Cough Cold 2012


Safecare by King Bio introduces AsthmaCare. AsthmaCare has no known negative side effects and no known negative drug interactions or contraindications. The oral spray is easy-to-use, CFC-free and taste-free. The safe and natural medicine may work in as few as 30 seconds to a few minutes.
*Not a rescue inhaler. May be safely used with other medications.

New Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer is a scientific breakthrough in germ-fighting protection. Just one squirt kills as many germs as two squirts of any other national brand.*  This new product will play a support role in the Academy Awards ceremony on Feb. 26.  Specially designed Purell brand gifts will be given to the event's host Billy Crystal and 22 major-category runners-up.
*Tested in accordance with FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash Guidelines.

SPF 24 Sun Smacker lip care helps prevent sunburned lips, and soothes and moisturizes chapped lips. The paraben-free formula with SPF 24 protects against the sun, wind and cold. Great flavors make applying and reapplying fun, while Disney-inspired characters make them kid-friendly. Moms know and trust the Sun Smacker name, according to the company.

Burt's Bees Natural Throat Drops soothe sore throats naturally with 35% pure honey and cooling menthol. The throat drops have no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, and have just the right amount of sweetness. There are three flavors to choose from: honey, honey and lemon, and honey and pomegranate.

Introducing BestHealth — a complete cough-cold solution in today's economically sensitive environment. BestHealth has great NBE quality and flavors at less than half the everyday costs of leading brands. The remedies have bilingual packaging, and include such flavors as cherry, honey lemon, menthol, vitamin C, sugar-free honey lemon and black cherry. The products come in a variety of forms, including sticks and calcium chews, and are FDA-compliant, gluten-free and kosher-certified.

With 32 million Americans taking three or more medications daily, 75% of adults are noncompliant in one or more ways. Detach N’ Go cures the ails of healthcare providers and end-users by helping medication users remain compliant while providing flexibility and discretion that matches their lifestyles. Interlocking compartments allow consumers to customize the container to match their changing schedules, and is ideal for travel, twice daily schedules and serious medication plans.

Introducing Contac Cooling Relief nighttime liquid. Contac, the brand of multi-symptom cold and flu medicine trusted for 50 years, brings to market a maximum-strength liquid cold and flu medicine that soothes throats with an instant cooling sensation and helps people get the sleep they need to wake up refreshed and clear-headed for a new day. Contac Cooling Relief nighttime liquid quickly relieves sore throat, body aches and headache, fever, cough, runny nose and sneezing.

OraLabs, the maker of Chap Ice Lip Care, nationally found in leading mass merchandisers, is introducing two new lip ointments. Chap Ice Beeswax Lip Care is the first of its kind to offer an all-natural beeswax formula with a honey and peppermint flavor in a squeeze-tube form. Chap Ice Cocoa Butter Lip Care, also in a squeeze tube, softens and soothes lips with vitamin E and aloe, with a dark chocolate flavor. It also is available in store brand.

Scrips America introduces a revolutionary product for the children’s pain relief category. RapiMed utilizes a patented technology to provide a fast-acting tablet that dissolves in seconds. This premium quality product is available in two flavors and offered in both children and junior strengths. The enticing, bilingual packaging includes a convenient fifth panel for multiple placement opportunities.

Since 1901, consumers have trusted the Sylvania brand for a wide variety of household needs. Now, Sylvania brings its well-deserved reputation for quality, reliability and value to home health products — to help manage your home health care needs and the needs of your family.

NasalCare Cold-Flu Care Kit contains a “Best New Product” award-winning nasal rinse system and a unique homeopathic spray. This kit provides multiple therapeutic effects: anti-viruses, anti-inflammation, cleansing out excessive mucus, improving nasal congestion, promoting self-healing and reducing the risk of lower respiratory tract infection. It is clinically proven to shorten the cold-flu duration by an average of 4.5 days.

Thermalon Moist Heat products safely and conveniently deliver medically prescribed moist heat treatments for fast relief of tension, stress, sinus pressure and headaches. Simply microwave and apply. In just minutes, these reusable microwave-activated wraps release clean, odor-free moist heat that penetrates deeply to relieve pain — wherever it hurts. Thermalon products are naturally hydrating, non-allergenic and washable. They may be applied as often as necessary.

The Temple Touch Mini Thermometer is ideal for use with infants and children, and reliable for the whole family. Patented temple heat flow sensor technology provides comfortable and quick, clinically accurate measurements. It is fast (6-second readings), simple (one-button operation), dual modes (fahrenheit or celsius), non-invasive (temple measurement site), memory recall (last memory review), safe for all ages (BPA, latex-free) and guaranteed (1-year warranty).

Look for three new innovative products from the Airborne brand launching in July 2012.  New Airborne Hot Soothing Mix in a natural honey lemon flavor is a soothing, delicious way to help support the immune system, and new Airborne Plus Energy Refreshing Mix in natural citrus and berry flavors has the same great powerful blend of immune-support ingredients, plus eight B vitamins to help support energy metabolism without caffeine.

DSN brings you a pre-show preview of some of the hottest products that will be at the ECRM Cough & Cold and Allergy EPPS from Feb. 26 to March 1 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.