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NY Post: Colgate-Palmolive might be ready to sell

Colgate-Palmolive CEO Ian Cook would be open to a $100-per-share selling price for the company, according to a New York Post source. Cook reportedly floated the price at a recent investors meeting, which took place as such companies as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Warren Buffett’s 3G Capital and Procter & Gamble are floated as potential suitors for an acquisition. (New York Post)


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Mtn Dew introduces DEW-S-A

Mtn Dew’s DEW-S-A combines its Code Red, White Out and Voltage flavors to create a red-white-and-blue combination of flavors, inspired by fans.

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Mars intros M&M’s Caramel

The company also is introducing a new caramel sidekick to join the M&M’s spokes-candies to host an experiential event in Times Square to kick off an advertising campaign.