In "12 For 12," Drug Store News takes a look at the year ahead and the stories, issues and trends that will make headlines in retail pharmacy in 2012. Also Inside: Duane Reade and Navarro's revamped stores, interviews with ECRM's Mitch Bowlus and NCPA's Gabe Trahan, and issues hampering e-prescribing.



12 for 2012 — The stories, trends and issues to watch this year.



Pharmacy Technology: Ongoing issues hamper efficiency of e-prescribing
Diet/Weight Loss: Fitness trend boosts RTDs, nutritional shakes
Diet/Weight Loss: Season expands into fall
Vitamin, Mineral and Supplements: Krill oil hooks consumers
Vitamin, Mineral and Supplements: Pediatric cough-cold line sweetens OTC
Hair care: Styling products create wave in hair care
Fragrance: Prestige scents on the rise
Beverages: Drug stores drink up beer
Snacks: Cracking slow growth
Pet care: Shoppers on a tighter leash
Household cleaning: Economic approach leads to decline