With holiday projections all over the board, DSN analyzes whether this is just more of the same old "new normal" shopping behavior, in which all consumers hold out for better values, or if it's a "Game Change" once again. Also Inside: Clinics 2.0, Walmart Report, Industry Issues Summit and Winn-Dixie's Hispanic store.


Game change?
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It's that kind of Dickensian double-speak that personifies the tone of the holiday forecasts this year — forecasts that have really been all over the board. Click here to read more.


Click here for the Walmart Annual Report 2011.


Homeopathy: Safe, effective message resonates with shoppers
Homeopathy: Social media touts merits of homeopathy
Digestives: Extinguishing holiday heartburn
Ethnic beauty: Natural hair grows
Ethnic beauty: Ingredients grab attention of ethnic personal care shoppers
Ethnic beauty: Dr. Miracle's celebrates brand overhaul
Gift sets: Gifting season raises scents
Gift sets: Gaining some beauty prestige
Frozen food: Forging ahead with growth in poultry
Beverages: Energy, sports drinks fuel growth
Greeting cards: Paper cards retain value in digital age
Batteries: Competition strains sales