Corbin Miller

Corbin Miller is a managing consultant at Maia Strategy Group, where he leads client engagements across a wide range of industries.  He has more than a decade of experience as a business strategist and adviser to clients in both the nonprofit and private sectors.  Prior to joining Maia Strategy Group, Miller was a consultant at Kaiser Associates and is a former deputy director of the Prague Security Studies Institute in the Czech Republic.  Miller holds a degree in leadership studies from the Jepson School of Leadership at the University of Richmond with minors in business administration and Spanish. This article is part of a series of articles and whitepapers written by the Maia Strategy Group focusing on new technologies and how CPG companies can more effectively work with their retail partners.

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  • Tue, 05/01/2012 - 3:40pm

    In conducting research on how consumer packaged goods (CPG) and food and beverage companies can better work with retail partners to develop effective mobile marketing strategies, we recognized an opportunity for marketers to focus on the Hispanic population. With a growth rate more than four times that of the entire country and an expected 2015 purchasing power well in excess of $1.25 trillion, the U.S. Hispanic population is one of the most important consumer segments for CPG and food and beverage companies.

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