03/05/2015 - 12:57pm

Costco sees a lift in second-quarter sales and net income benefits from a tax benefit.

03/02/2015 - 1:26pm

Following its fallout with American Express, Costco reaches agreements with Citi and Visa.

02/04/2015 - 11:24am

Costco posted a sales gain for the month of January.

01/08/2015 - 12:42pm

Costco posted net sales of $12.12 billion for the month of December, an increase of 5% from $11.53 billion in the year-ago period.

12/10/2014 - 11:26am

Costco reported a boost in first-quarter sales and net income.

12/04/2014 - 3:02pm

Costco reported net sales of $9.43 billion for the month of November, a 7% increase from $8.79 billion during the similar period last year.

12/01/2014 - 4:08pm

Drug Store News will be tweeting key messages from retail pharmacy industry heavyweights.

11/11/2014 - 1:49pm

Robert Craves, a founding officer of Costco, died last week shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, The Seattle Times reported. 

11/07/2014 - 11:03am

Kantar Retail’s recent analysis of Amazon Prime Pantry confirms that its merchandising approach, unique business model and pricing strategy have little in common with clubs.