01/28/2016 - 12:13pm

GlobalData also pointed out that many patients affected by hepatitis B also happen to be part of low-income populations and likely not covered by medical insurance or reluctant to seek treatment.  

01/28/2016 - 11:34am

Diplomat’s new app is aimed at making care management easier for caregivers and patients with complex illnesses. 

01/27/2016 - 3:50pm

The Task Force found that patients who were identified through depression screening and went on to be treated — with antidepressant medication, psychotherapy or both — showed improvement in depression symptoms.

01/27/2016 - 2:38pm

The company behind the first FDA approved drug created via 3D printing has secured financing led by Deerfield Management. 

01/27/2016 - 2:28pm

The drug will be available in 30-mg delayed release disintegrating tablets, as well as 30- and 60-mg delayed release capsules. 

01/27/2016 - 2:18pm

HealthInvestor is reporting that, due to Engand’s National Health Service’s plans to cut the number of pharmacies, anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 pharmacies might be forced to close. The NHS is the source of 90% of pharmacies’ income, the report noted. (HealthInvestor)

01/27/2016 - 2:14pm

Gary Ziezula has been with EMD Serono since 2014, when he joined as the chief commercial officer. 

01/27/2016 - 12:35pm

The ranking was created by creating overall scores based on the ratio of positive to negative medication reviews online by using TreatoVoice, which identifies and ranks patient experience base on their online postings. 

01/26/2016 - 3:36pm

Rising Pharmaceuticals will be launching its generic version of IPR Pharmaceuticals’ Zomig tablets.