01/06/2017 - 1:57pm
This is the fifth approved indication for Lucentis. 
01/05/2017 - 5:56pm

Merger to create a clinical-stage company focused on clinical and commercial development of cytisine, a selective nicotine receptor partial agonist currently in late-stage development for smoking cessation.  

01/05/2017 - 1:32pm

Rebecca Shanahan and Mike Agostino took new roles on Jan. 1, respectively. 

01/03/2017 - 2:36pm
Forbes is reporting that the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of 22 new drugs in 2016 (down from 51 in 2015) could have big implications for the future of innovation in the pharmaceutical space. The report notes that research spending is growing, but there are practical difficulties to translate innovation into products as R&D returns decline  — and the report suggests overcoming that difficulty could mean rethinking a lot. (Forbes)
12/19/2016 - 1:40pm

Approval for women with advanced ovarian cancer who have been treated with two or more chemotherapies and whose tumors have a specific gene mutation.

12/15/2016 - 2:06pm

The drug’s availability comes a year after the Food and Drug Administration approved it as a follow-on biologic to Lantus, another U-100 long-acting insulin. It has an amino acid sequence identical to that of Lantus. 

12/13/2016 - 5:25pm

The act will invest more than $6 billion over seven years to provide funding for various initiatives, including fighting prescription drug abuse, expanding the president’s Precision Medication Initiative and funding the “cancer moonshot,” aimed at finding new and better treatments for cancer.

12/09/2016 - 1:14pm

The results come from an employee survey administered by research firm WorkplaceDynamics. The survey measured such aspects of workplace culture as alignment, execution and connection. T

12/07/2016 - 4:45pm

President Obama said in his Dec. 3 weekly address that he would sign the legislation into law "as soon as it reaches my desk."