01/28/2016 - 1:55pm

Fruth Pharmacy has opened another location in West Virginia, this time inside the Tower FoodFair grocery store in Barboursville.

01/27/2016 - 3:50pm

The Task Force found that patients who were identified through depression screening and went on to be treated — with antidepressant medication, psychotherapy or both — showed improvement in depression symptoms.

01/27/2016 - 12:35pm

The ranking was created by creating overall scores based on the ratio of positive to negative medication reviews online by using TreatoVoice, which identifies and ranks patient experience base on their online postings. 

01/26/2016 - 3:36pm

Rising Pharmaceuticals will be launching its generic version of IPR Pharmaceuticals’ Zomig tablets. 

01/26/2016 - 2:26pm

Last year, many new multimedia features were added to the redesigned website, which includes a newsfeed, commentary, infographics, animations, video clips, health calculators and trackers, quizzes, as well as a drug interaction checker, pill identifier, and guide to pronunciation of medical terms. 

01/26/2016 - 12:35pm

Drug Channels' Adam Fein, CEO, after combing through the 658 pages released last week by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regarding the final rule governing Average Manufacturer Price under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, outlined the seven ways this new rule will impact pharmacy. "Savor all of the bureaucratese for yourself in the oh-so-brief 658-page rule, known to the cool kids as CMS-2345-FC," Fein writes. His observations outline potential impacts including prescription reimbursement, pharmacy profits and channel strategies. (Read through to the end, and Fein provides  a bonus five observations.) (Drug Channels)

01/25/2016 - 12:50pm
From 2005 to 2013, Perrigo had been the distributor of all Retin-A generic products, which treat acne. 
01/22/2016 - 11:49am

The drug had sales of $38.5 million for the 12 months ended November 2015, according to IMS Health. 

01/22/2016 - 8:53am

NACDS, along with partners including the National Community Pharmacists Association, have been engaged on this issue every step of the way since Congress first enacted the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 in February 2006.