09/04/2012 - 9:57am

It's no secret that managed care has steered millions of Americans into ordering their maintenance medications by mail. But pharmacy benefit managers should take note: Most patients don't like the arrangement.

08/27/2012 - 2:08pm

The nation’s vast, multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry churns up plenty of statistics — a constant stream of them, in fact. But here’s one that may get your attention: nearly 70% of people in the United States don't have or don't use a primary care physician.

08/21/2012 - 11:32am

The University of Chicago Medicine and Walgreens are teaming up to launch a "Food Rx" initiative that will help people with diabetes improve their eating habits by overcoming two major hurdles when shopping for food: access and affordability, the groups announced Aug. 15.

08/13/2012 - 3:14pm

If there's any clear trend emerging from the murky waters swirling around a reforming U.S. healthcare system undergoing fundamental transformation, it's the fact that more of that system is migrating from emergency rooms and doctors' offices to retail clinics and pharmacies.

08/06/2012 - 2:40pm

A cool trillion dollars. That’s what the generic industry said U.S. patients and public and private health plan payers have saved over the last decade by switching from branded to generic prescription drugs at pharmacy counters.

07/30/2012 - 3:14pm

How can Congress plug the leaks in the pharmaceutical supply chain and dry up the stream of gray market drugs without making the current drug shortage even worse? And can federal regulators shut down gray market profiteers without limiting “the ability of pharmacies to take care of their patients?”

07/23/2012 - 2:46pm

So Walgreens and Express Scripts have buried the hatchet. The question is, can the nation’s top pharmacy retailer regain the billions of dollars in contracted prescription revenues it ceded to its competitors after the two sides severed relations in January? And, given the way Walgreens has adjusted and reset its growth strategy since then, does it matter that much?

07/16/2012 - 1:53pm

Is the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act “the most important pharmaceutical legislation since the 1984 Hatch-Waxman Act?”

07/09/2012 - 2:31pm

Another quality regional drug chain is about to be a memory.