11/25/2013 - 2:59pm

Federal regulators are lifting some restrictions on a diabetes drug that were placed two years ago after studies linked the drug to increased cardiovascular risk.

11/07/2013 - 12:00pm

A former executive from Cisco has been appointed as CEO of the International Diabetes Federation.

11/06/2013 - 12:11pm

Many physicians in Asia say more information on managing Type 2 diabetes is needed, according to a new poll.

11/05/2013 - 12:17pm

Half of people with diabetes feel overwhelmed in managing their disease and diet, according to a new survey conducted by Meijer.

10/30/2013 - 1:58pm

A trade group for supplement makers is suggesting that people with diabetes talk to their physicians about chromium picolinate supplementation, based on a recent study.

10/29/2013 - 1:08pm

Hy-Vee has specially outfitted an RV to provide basic health and wellness services for people across the Midwest as part of a tour of the region.

10/24/2013 - 9:23am

A project by the philanthropic wing of the American Pharmacists Association to include pharmacists on diabetes care teams in highly affected and underserved communities has produced significant decreases in blood-sugar levels among patients, according to results released Thursday.

10/23/2013 - 9:02am

Drug maker Depomed has sold its interests in royalty and milestone payments for several Type 2 diabetes drugs to PDL BioPharma, Depomed said.

10/16/2013 - 1:33pm

Diabetes Care Partners has introduced a new telehealth diabetes self-management education program, the company said.