02/09/2017 - 12:32pm

From skin care products to their favorite beverages, consumers are willing to open their wallets and spend more for certain bells and whistles, including home delivery and click-and-collect services.

02/09/2017 - 12:31pm

The brand’s new packaging looks to spotlight the ingredients and product while the new recipes are shortening the ingredient list and use milk from cows not treated with rBST. 

02/09/2017 - 12:11pm

The Walgreens Flu Index is compiled using weekly retail prescription data for antiviral medications used to treat influenza across Walgreens locations nationwide.

02/09/2017 - 11:28am

The donations will benefit hunger and food-related relief in local communities in 17 states and the District of Columbia.

02/09/2017 - 11:24am

U.S. District Judge Josephine Staton for the Central District of California entered a consent decree of permanent injunction yesterday between the United States and VivaCeuticals, doing business as Regeneca Worldwide.

02/09/2017 - 10:57am

All are eligible for its Ralph W. Ketner Store Manager of the Year Award to be presented on Feb. 16.

02/09/2017 - 10:54am

Nationally, adolescent vaccination rates lag well below the targeted threshold of 80% or greater for the HPV and influenza vaccines.

02/09/2017 - 10:47am

The extreme-value discounter said it plans to open 1,000 stores and two distribution centers in 2017, resulting in the creation of approximately 10,000 new jobs.

02/09/2017 - 10:29am

Noroviruses are highly contagious, often causing epidemic outbreaks in families and communities, on cruise ships, in hospitals and in assisted living facilities.