01/06/2017 - 6:59pm

Nature’s Bounty launched a line of aromatherapy products under the Nature’s Origin banner that includes an essential oils kit.

01/06/2017 - 6:45pm

The proof a category is hot can be measured not only by the number of players looking to participate in that category, but also by the heft of new entrants. Such is the case with aromatherapy.

01/06/2017 - 6:18pm

Nutrex is introducing OutLift, a new pre-workout product that is differentiated by having no proprietary blend (full disclosure ingredients) and contains no “banned” ingredients.

01/06/2017 - 6:08pm

Sports nutrition is a category beginning to emerge as a viable destination center within mass outlets, and the trend line behind this mass growth is a gravitation toward “cleaner” ingredients.

01/06/2017 - 5:39pm

Overall, sales of multivitamins are relatively flat — 0.2% annual growth toward a $1.8 billion base. So, have sales of multivitamins plateaued, or are there pockets of opportunity out there?

01/06/2017 - 4:44pm

Sales of diet aids are rocketing across retail right now thanks in no small part to the 38% of Americans who made weight-related resolutions for 2017.

01/06/2017 - 3:45pm

A total of seven companies were selected for testing of online ordering in pilot states.

01/06/2017 - 3:27pm

Launched in 2006, the program has filled nearly 40M free prescriptions.

01/06/2017 - 2:04pm

Community Health Network will exclusively operate and provide clinical services at 12 retail health clinics located within Walgreens stores across central Indiana.