05/03/2017 - 1:34pm

Hawaiian Tropic brand is introducing new products and partnering with three YouTube influencers for a series of videos about the sun care products and how they incorporate them into their passions.

05/03/2017 - 12:09pm

Capable of supporting up to 600 lbs., this bed can ultimately help reduce resident falls and staff injuries.

05/03/2017 - 11:18am

Rachel's Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are an FDA-cleared moist heat or cooling remedy to relieve common breastfeeding aliments.

05/02/2017 - 3:28pm

Kimberly-Clark’s Kleenex brand is unveiling Kleenex Ultra Soft Go-Anywhere tissue and Kleenex Multicare tissues. 

05/02/2017 - 9:06am

According to industry data, more than 66 million consumers in the U.S. have Amazon Prime memberships.

05/01/2017 - 12:32pm
As part of the launch, U by Kotex has teamed up with yoga teacher and body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley, who has more than 283,000 Instagram followers.
04/28/2017 - 2:31pm

The company’s “Flavors of America” collection includes six classic brands with new flavors.

04/26/2017 - 2:39pm

The brand introduced its Curve Black fragrance and named social media star and filmmaker Mark Dohner as its latest brand ambassador.

04/26/2017 - 12:17pm

The Ensure Immunonutrition Shake is designed to be drunk in the week before and after surgery to provide such nutrients as arginine and omega-3 fatty acids EP and DHA, and Ensure Pre-Surgery Clear Nutrition Drink allows patients to consume a carbohydrate drink for up to two hours before surgery.