12/02/2011 - 10:33am

While retail sales during the Black Friday weekend increased this year, it seems that foot traffic may have dropped, according to a new report by ShopperTrak.

12/01/2011 - 9:00am

A new study conducted by researchers at Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that high blood-sugar levels may be associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer.

11/30/2011 - 3:55pm

While sales figures for pharmaceuticals are frequently reported on, drugs for people's four-legged friends also are a money maker.

11/30/2011 - 3:28pm

Shoppers are just as promotion-driven as they have been since economists first coined the term the "new normal" economy — and that's not likely to change, according to a new "The Why? Behind the Buy" report released Wednesday by Acosta Sales.

11/30/2011 - 3:07pm

Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommending that most people get flu shots, many members of the public remain skeptical, according to a new survey by Vitals.com.

11/30/2011 - 10:26am

A new survey from Dannon released Wednesday revealed that Americans are more familiar than ever with probiotics.

11/29/2011 - 4:27pm

The short-term forecast for cold weather items, including cold medicines, is that demand could be down as much as 15% without Jack Frost biting at everyone’s nose, according to analysis from Deutsche Bank published Monday.

11/29/2011 - 11:13am

Coming off a Thanksgiving weekend chock full of sales gains, it appears retailers also fared well on Cyber Monday, according to a new report by IBM.

11/28/2011 - 1:38pm

Many elderly patients put themselves at risk for emergency hospitalization due to adverse drug events, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.