08/03/2017 - 4:10pm

The three appointments were made in an effort to strengthen Dr Pepper Snapple’s leadership pipeline, the company said. 

08/03/2017 - 3:42pm

Target is pledging to ensure that its own-brand products are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and colors, as well as artificial trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, by the end of 2018. 

08/03/2017 - 2:00pm

The limited-edition collection features work from four artists paired with four new fragrances inspired by their work 

08/03/2017 - 1:45pm

“The Most Important 20 Minutes of Your Year, Buyer Presentations: A Guide for CPG Manufacturers” provides an overview of what presenters should consider when getting their buyer presentations ready.

08/02/2017 - 4:43pm

Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray contains the same ingredients as Aquaphor Healing Ointment, and is designed to immediately soothe and relive dry skin, the company said.

08/02/2017 - 4:36pm

Dirk Van de Put, who currently leads Canadian frozen foods giant McCain Foods,  has previously held executive positions with Novartis, Groupe Danone, Coca-Cola and Mars.

08/02/2017 - 4:22pm

Cosmetic Promotions’ CosPro Agency is looking to help meet the needs of consumers who are looking to try their beauty purchases before they buy and support online-only brands who want to deliver on consumer experience with new offerings.

08/02/2017 - 2:26pm

The company said it has begun shipments of its Blue Life Protection Formula line of products to Target, Kroger, Meijer and Publix, and expects it to be available in August.

08/01/2017 - 4:27pm

Despite being digital natives, 57% of Generation Z say they prefer to shop in-store rather than online, according to a report from CrowdTwist.