06/22/2016 - 9:24am

The new app taps into the product databases on boots.com with iPad, and uses its analytics to enable colleagues to easily make recommendations to customers as well as view item location and online inventory.

06/21/2016 - 5:12pm

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to pass the "Restoring Access to Medications Act" Tuesday, which would make over-the-counter medicines re-eligible for purchase with a health savings account, Forbes reported. "It’s not surprising that HSAs have gone from partisan football to bipartisan cum-bay-yah in recent years. Over 20 million Americans now have a health insurance plan with an HSA," Forbes reported. "HSAs are making Obamacare a less unaffordable option for families. They are an integral and growing part of the national health insurance landscape." (Forbes)

06/21/2016 - 2:06pm

Two-thirds of Americans with household income exceeding $500,000 annually are interested in "luxury" health and wellness items, according to a recent Robb Report survey.

06/21/2016 - 10:37am

Razorfish Health's new marketing director has CPG sales experience spanning Procter & Gamble, McNeil Consumer and Roche Diagnostics.

06/21/2016 - 10:11am

Rachel Banham rose to national prominence in February when she tied the NCAA's single-game scoring record with 60 points.

06/21/2016 - 9:13am

In addition to the 2,900 stores which will stock a wide assortment of healthy foods by year end, another 360 stores will receive significant additional enhancements to the layout of food, beauty and OTCs.

06/20/2016 - 11:23am

To help clinicians and patients make informed decisions about aspirin use, researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a new, free, mobile app, "Aspirin-Guide" that calculates both the cardiovascular disease risk score and the bleeding risk score for an individual patient, and helps clinicians decide which patients are appropriate candidates for the use of low-dose aspirin (75 to 81 mg daily).

06/20/2016 - 10:53am

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close by early August.

06/20/2016 - 10:48am

The authors found that increased adoption rates followed states allowing pharmacists to administer the vaccine.