08/02/2016 - 4:55pm

Sales of OTC medicines continue on a steady pace with dollar volumes up half a billion dollars over the first half of 2016, according to data culled from IRI.

08/02/2016 - 9:10am

Each 5-hour Energy Protein shot has 21 grams of protein and contains 100 calories and less than one gram of sugar.

08/01/2016 - 11:18am

The Clean Whey products arrive in the midst of a complete relaunch for the brand, as PowerBar unveils a more approachable personality.

07/29/2016 - 2:32pm

GNC Holdings on Thursday replaced its chief executive and suspended its earnings guidance. It also reported disappointing second quarter results.

07/26/2016 - 10:30am

The new Platinum HydroWhey delivers fast-digesting whey protein that provides essential nutrients to help support muscle recovery after an intense workout.

07/26/2016 - 9:28am

Online and other non-store sales, which are included in the overall figure, are expected to increase 7% to 10% year-over-year rather than the 6% to 9% percent forecast earlier.

07/25/2016 - 2:53pm

This is the first clinical trial comparing vitamin C retention in leukocytes between Ester-C and ascorbic acid in both male and female nonsmokers.

07/25/2016 - 2:45pm

Market leaders Johnson & Johnson and Bayer have remained the No. 1 and No. 2 OTC marketers, respectively, for many years.

07/22/2016 - 9:19am

Cranberry U.T. Complete is available nationally in select natural products and wellness stores and retails for a suggested $32.99 per 2.46 oz container.