08/17/2017 - 3:37pm
(K)NOW! Strategic Data Solutions is a web-based portal designed to to offer multi-channel beauty insights to its users.
08/16/2017 - 12:21pm

While online grocery sales could exceed $100 billion by 2025, click-and-collect is emerging as a high-growth channel opportunity with a projected $6.6 billion of CPG sales per year by 2020.

08/16/2017 - 12:01pm

Items available with Instant Pickup include snacks, drinks and electronics, as well as some of Amazon’s most popular devices.

08/15/2017 - 4:18pm

The patented technology allows users to upload a photo that it then analyzes for a virtual skin consultation, after which it suggests appropriate products for identified needs.

08/15/2017 - 3:19pm

"Getting a larger share of a smaller pie at limited assortment stores is well worth fighting for," the study's authors reported.

08/14/2017 - 3:03pm

The multicultural health and beauty event took place in downtown Nashville and featured a panel discussion that featured Larry Sims, Naja the Nail Guru, Mel J. and Char Braden, as well as a guest speaker presentation from actress and author Kim Fields and a musical performance by Vivian Green.

08/11/2017 - 12:56pm

Tom's of Maine’s baby sunscreen contains five ingredients, including zinc oxide, which delivers broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection, the company said.

08/11/2017 - 12:43pm

The expansions in Walmart and Target are part of the company’s initiative to expand its brand penetration, and follow its launch in more than 200 Ulta stores and more than 200 Superdrug locations in the United Kingdom. 

08/11/2017 - 12:18pm
The Down There Line of feminine hygiene wipes features flushable, pH-balanced and hypoallergenic wipes that also are paraben- and alcohol-free.