05/19/2017 - 2:21pm

The local Chicago diaper bank will receive 250,000 diapers as part of the overall donation from Walgreens and Huggies.

05/19/2017 - 11:55am

McKesson's year-old generics sourcing partnership with Walmart, ClarusONE, has made significant progress, the wholesaler reported.

05/18/2017 - 12:08pm

Coming from a diverse neighborhood gave her ‘street smarts,’ but Rite Aid’s head of pharmacy tells Drug Store News her most important leadership lessons came from two pillars of the Philadelphia community — her mom and dad.

05/17/2017 - 3:41pm

Drug and discount stores have managed to lure customers away from specialty and department stores to their doors for color cosmetics, where brows and lashes are leading the charge to attract shoppers, skin care and bubble bath products.

05/17/2017 - 3:40pm

Sales of artificial eyelashes packaged with adhesives rose 31% to $157 million, according to IRI data for multi-outlet retailers for the 52-week period ended March 19. Eyelash adhesives kicked in another $30 million and showed growth of 24%.

05/17/2017 - 12:51pm

New product activity in styling aids and treatments could put a positive jolt into the hair care category.

05/17/2017 - 12:51pm

Recent research from 210 Analytics found that three-quarters of people see candy as a little indulgence and reward, and 74% said candy can be enjoyed in moderation.

05/17/2017 - 12:51pm

The Journal of the American Geriatric Society has projected that the cost for the first year of hearing loss treatment in older adults will reach $51 billion nationwide by 2030.

05/17/2017 - 12:51pm

As more Americans wrestle with the cost of their health care, they continue to gravitate toward better lifestyle choices, which means niche products that were at one time only purchased by body builders and serious athletes have become appealing to the mainstream consumer.