Cardinal Health RBC 2017

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OutcomesMTM builds patient relationships, improves Star Measures

Medication therapy management (MTM) is a tool that more pharmacies are incorporating into their practices as a way to both strategically boost engagement with the local provider community and strengthen ties with patients, while at the same time improving adherence, lowering overall health costs and driving more revenue into the pharmacy. But most of all, it improves patient relations and entices those patients to remain loyal to their community pharmacy.

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Women in Pharmacy: Community and networking to support pharmacists and owners

When Aimee O’Reilly opened the doors of O’Reilly Family Pharmacy in Worthington, Ohio, it was the culmination of about a year’s worth of pavement-pounding. Along the way, O’Reilly said she was supported by her expertise in the area, and the network and community she encountered through Cardinal Health’s Women in Pharmacy (WIP) program.

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RBC 2017 brings CE offerings focusing on clinical services, business and legislative changes

From clinical services and business and front-end management to legislative updates, Cardinal Health’s RBC 2017 slate of continuing education courses is looking to cover some of the biggest topics in independent pharmacy. Cardinal Health has partnered with Ohio Northern University to bring full-day courses to San Antonio on such services as medication therapy management and immunization, updates on provider status legislation, new drug launches and various topics in between.