Bart Foster
Founder & CEO of SoloHealth

Bart Foster, founder and CEO of SoloHealth, is an award-winning entrepreneur and business executive with more than 15 years of international sales and marketing experience in the consumer products, technology and healthcare industries.  In 2007, Foster founded SoloHealth, a leading consumer-driven healthcare technology company that specializes in interactive health screening kiosks, as well as other platforms, to empower consumers about their health through awareness, education and action. Prior to founding SoloHealth, Foster held leadership positions at CIBA Vision, the eye care division of Novartis AG. He also held sales and marketing roles at Peachtree Network, a successful Internet start-up based in Montreal, Canada, and with Kellogg’s in consumer marketing and sales. Foster holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing from the University of Florida and an MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix.  You can follow Foster on Twitter at @Bart_Foster and @SoloHealth.

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  • Mon, 12/19/2011 - 3:03pm
    For those of us in the healthcare and wellness business, we realize our industry is changing and evolving quickly, mostly out of pure necessity. The healthcare industry is overburdened, over budget and in need of an overhaul. But the potential for our healthcare and wellness system is incredible for all audiences it touches — from consumers to medical professions to healthcare and wellness marketers.
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