CRN discusses the science behind the supplements

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AUDIO Q&A: Drug Store News sat down with Duffy MacKay, VP scientific and regulatory affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, recently to discuss the science behind the supplements. "One of the big challenges in nutrition research, is the fact that the standard is a drug research model," MacKay noted. "There are several realities within nutrition science that don't lend themselves to be studied in the classic drug model."

As part of CRN's 40th anniversary, DSN has conducted a series of interviews with CRN's top leadership to discuss how the VMS industry has progressed over the past four decades and how the association is setting the stage for success in the next four decades.

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To hear what CRN president and CEO Steve Mister had to say about how the industry has evolved over the past four decades, click here.

To hear DSN's interview of CRN's SVP communications Judy Blatman on advocacy and communication, click here.

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