Boiron owner pens book on homeopathy

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PHILADELPHIA — Boiron owner Michèle Boiron flew over from France in April to host a pair of lectures on the benefits of homeopathy. The brand is celebrating 30 years in the United States. In that time, Boiron has carved out a big niche with its Oscillococcinum flu treatment.

DSN traveled to Philadelphia to meet with Boiron’s owner and discuss how homeopathy is faring in the United States.

Boiron also has written a book on homeopathy for healthcare professionals titled “Homeopathy and Pharmaceutical Care.” This concise reference fills the gap between advanced technical references for prescribers and books on self-treatable conditions for lay people. An introduction covers homeopathic pharmacology basics and provides guidelines for dosage, storage and general use of these medicines. The therapeutic section lists the protocols that can be used for more than 56 conditions in which homeopathic medicines can be simply and reliably recommended.

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