Ziploc teams up with Recyclebank

RACINE, Wis. — SC Johnson's Ziploc brand is looking to reduce potential product waste by sponsoring a recycling initiative.

Teaming up with Recyclebank, Ziploc will reduce its environmental footprint by sponsoring the nationwide expansion of Recyclebank's rewards-for-recycling platform, which seeks to keep potential waste out of landfills by increasing recycling behavior. The goal is to divert more than 100 million lbs. of waste from landfills within 24 months, the companies said.

Ziploc's sustainability efforts also extend to its products. For example, the brand's Evolve line uses 25% less plastic than the regular Ziploc brand bags in the same size and are partially made with wind energy. Additionally, clean and dry Ziploc sandwich, storage and freezer bags can be recycled at in-store bins at approximately 18,000 participating retail locations that accept plastic shopping bags for recycling.

"Families trust Ziploc brand products as a resource to get more out of their daily lives, and we know these families, like us, are committed to doing the right thing for the environment," said John Peoples, director of home storage at SC Johnson. "From offering recyclable products to diverting other waste from landfills through increased curbside recycling, our goal is to keep waste out of landfills; by working together, we can make a bigger impact than on our own."

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