Zestra event addresses female sexual dysfunction

The symposium’s experts included Mary Jaensch, CEO of Semprae Labs, which makes Zestra.

NEW YORK — The makers of Zestra held a symposium on Oct. 28 at New York’s Penn Club to promote the over-the-counter product designed to address women’s sexual dysfunction.

The symposium included such experts as relationship consultants Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal; Philadelphia-based medical expert Susan Kellogg; Rutgers University psychology professor Barry Komisaruk; and Mary Jaensch and Rachel Scherl, respectively the CEO and president of Semprae Labs, which makes Zestra—a topical, botanical product that is clinically proven to increase women’s feelings of desire and arousal, according to the company.

Topics of discussion included causes of female sexual dysfunction and the difficulty women and men have discussing it. Female sexual dysfunction affects up to 50% of women, but according to Semprae, 90% of the women whom it affects are reluctant to talk about it.

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