Zak's GoPak makes packing healthy lunches a breeze

SPOKANE, Wash. — Zak Designs has announced a new GoPak container designed to make packing lunches easy and without the worry of messy spills.

The GoPak container is a durable food storage container that features a large sandwich compartment on one side and a covered snack container on the other. The snack container itself is divided into three seprate sections, allowing parents to mix and match a variety of fruits, vegetables and other snacks with their child's lunch. A snap-tight lid keeps the snacks securely in place and allows both sections to fold up and lock together in one easy-to-pack container.

The GoPak line also features a durable utensil set with travel case, keeping the utensils clean prior to use and preventing unwanted messes in the lunch bag afterwards. Both the container and utensil set are dishwasher safe.

The GoPak containers feature a variety of licensed characters that can be found on the company's website.

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