Zak Designs expands eco-friendly options

SPOKANE, Wash. — Zak Designs is looking to expand its environmental commitment by launching a new line of dinnerware, serveware and kitchen prep items, all made from recycled melamine. The Sprinkles collection uses the same patented process Zak used in its best-selling, upscale Confetti collection, allowing the company to offer the same environmentally friendly products to the mass market.

Zak’s Sprinkles line features a complete selection of dinnerware, serveware and kitchen prep products, from serving trays and appetizer plates to nested mixing bowls and egg trays. All of the items have a unique look featuring modern lines and stylish shapes and come in five distinctive colors to coordinate with all of Zak’s everyday tableware and drinkware lines, increasing the versatility of the line.

The patented recycled melamine is produced by adding formaldehyde to melamine to produce a melamine resin, a durable, flame-resistant plastic used in Formica, laminate flooring, dry erase boards and, of course, dinnerware.

Whether using Zak’s new products alone or mixing and matching with other Zak lines, the Sprinkles collection allows consumers to not only showcase their style, but also their priority to be environmentally conscious.


- 2:31 AM
samuelmorgan says

Zak designs are amazing and they have done great by considering Eco friendly products which would protect our environment and at the same time look stylish and modern. This really is a great step towards having Eco friendly environment. Kitchen Remodeling

- 8:55 AM
armandmarius1 says

I am glad when I hear that a company expands eco-friendly options, Zak Designs had a very good idea to create kitchen prep items from recycled melamine. I saw a couple of their products when I was shopping for a bathroom vanity, I hired the Bathroom Remodeling Baltimore team and needed to find some bathroom furniture.

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