Yummy Spoon debuts at ECRM Baby & Infant EPPS


ORLANDO, Fla. - Martello will be debuting the week of July 11 at ECRM's Baby & Infant EPPS with its Yummy Spoon, a feeding tool that enables parents to provide baby with natural and organic foods made at home.

Yummy Spoon is already selling on Amazon and in several boutique baby stores across California and is being represented by Dale Nepsa Associates.

According to Martello, the Yummy Spoon is the only self-feeding baby spoon designed specifically for whole bananas, whole avocados, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, yogurt, pureed fruits and veggies and homemade baby food. Comparitively, other self-feeding baby spoons are more ideal for store bought, prepackaged baby food solutions.

The Yummy Spoon is dishwasher safe and also very easy to wash by hand, the company noted.

In addition to providing new moms and dads with a natural feeding solution, the new Yummy Spoon also will tug on the hearts of philanthropic millennials. According to the company's website, a portion of all Yummy Spoon sales are donated to feed hungry children in the U.S. as part of the Yummy Support Program.

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