Yoplait YoPlus gets reformulated

MINNEAPOLIS Yoplait's YoPlus now is offering a trio of better-for-you ingredients in its yogurt.

YoPlus now includes antioxidants (vitamins A and E), probiotic cultures and natural dietary fiber (3-g of fiber per 4-oz. serving) and calcium and vitamin D to improve bone health in consumers.

"With its smooth creamy texture and unique flavor combinations, Yoplait YoPlus is an ideal option for someone looking for a snack that offers health benefits and is full of flavor," said Betsy Storey, associate marketing manager for YoPlus.


YoPlus Light is also available in supermarkets nationwide, and like YoPlus, it contains a special blend of probiotic cultures and a natural dietary fiber, as well as antioxidant vitamins and calcium and vitamin D, but with about one-third fewer calories than YoPlus.  The light version, at 70 calories per serving, is available in three delicious flavors –– honey vanilla, strawberry banana and key lime pie.

YoPlus is available on grocery store shelves nationwide in six flavors and retails for $2.79 per 4-pack of 4 oz. cups.  For more information on newly reformulated YoPlus, visit www.yoplus.com.

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