Yoplait adds two seasonal flavors to lineup

MINNEAPOLIS — After its fall season-inspired yogurts, Yoplait, a General Mills brand, is bringing two cocktail-inspired additions to store shelves this spring: Yoplait Light piña colada and Yoplait Original cosmopolitan-flavored yogurt.

Yoplait Light piña colada contains 5 g of protein per 6 oz.-serving with 90 calories and Yoplait Original cosmopolitan contains 5 g of protein per 6 oz.-serving with 170 calories. Both flavors also are a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

“Consumers are continually looking for new and different ways to enjoy the refreshing goodness of yogurt,” says Cameron Archibald, associate marketing manager, Yoplait. “The popularity of fruity and tropical flavored drinks rises when the weather gets warm. So in response to consumer’s desires, Yoplait took favorite flavors to sip and turned them into yogurt that can now be enjoyed any time of the day."

For a limited time, new Yoplait seasonal flavors are available nationally in four-packs and also available in fridgepacks, which include four piña colada and four cosmopolitan cups. They come with a suggested retail price of $2.00 per 4-pack and $4.00 for a fridgepack.

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