XanGo launches Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care brand

SALT LAKE CITY Global nutrition leader XanGo announced today at its sixth international convention here the release of its new personal care brand, Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care.

The brand contains a mangosteen BioActive X3 Complex™, a package of three xanthone-rich ingredients that boast 30 times more antioxidant potency than green tea, prevents inflammation, increases the natural production of collagen and protects the skin from the oxidizing effects of free radicals. The brand also contains toxin-free ingredients and green chemistry technology in self-adjusting formulas.

"With Glimpse, you get a product that is high-performing in its delivery of powerful skin nutrition from the mangosteen," said XanGo senior vice president Beverly Hollister. "It helps soothe and calm the skin, protect against environmental stressors, and defend against free radicals—all of which lead to aging. Glimpse is the perfect blend of beauty, skin nutrition and natural ingredients."

Glimpse works for men and women of all ages living in different climates and uses two systems that both include a cleanser, serum, toner and moisturizer for $200. One system is reserved for normal to dry skin and another for normal to combination skin. Glimpse’s self-adjusting formulas change their effects with the changing needs of the person’s skin. The company claims that the more someone uses it, the more its nutrients target specific needs. XanGo’s Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care is available from XanGo’s 1 million independent distributors or online at www.xango.com.

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