Wyeth Prempro breast cancer suit in deliberations

RENO, Nev. A civil lawsuit involving three northern Nevada women and Wyeth has gone to deliberation after four weeks of testimony, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The women claim that the manufacturer decided to market two hormone replacement drugs: Premarin and Prempro, without properly testing the drugs. The women all have breast cancer and blame the company for launching the drugs, even though they knew of the risks involved in taking the medication.

The company said that they followed the rules set by the Food and Drug Administration’s directive and created a label for the drugs that detailed risks associated with taking the medication. It also stands by the drugs stating that, “To this day, [the drugs] are the most effective available for menopausal symptoms,” according to Wyeth lawyer Heidi Hubbard.

The women are seeking damages that could be potentially worth millions of dollars.

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