WSJ: Walgreens' Well Experience stores pass HHS review

NEW YORK — Walgreens' new store format encouraging pharmacists to practice at the top of their license has passed muster with the Department of health and Human Services, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday

"The agency was unable to substantiate allegations from a consumer advocacy group that the new Walgreen 'Well Experience' store formats, as a whole, lacked the appropriate safeguards to prevent the disclosure of patient protected health information," WSJ reported. "The agency's investigation included unannounced site visits at 30 'Well Experience' stores, according to the letter, and while it did note there were individual staff errors at certain locations, there was no evidence of 'widespread and systemic non-compliance as the errors varied from store to store.' HHS did provide 'substantial technical assistance' to Walgreens, according to the letter."

That assistance amounted to suggestions that Walgreens augment its training program. 

The HHS investigation stemmed from a complaint filed last fall by Change to Win Retail Initiatives, a consumer advocacy group "that is a frequent critic of retail drug stores and is funded by labor unions," the WSJ reported. 



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