Writing instrument makers join forces with TerraCycle

TRENTON, N.J. Sharpie, Paper Mate and Expo have announced a new partnership with TerraCycle, an upcycling company that finds new ways to repurpose otherwise throwaway items.

The partnership will create the world's first program to collect and reuse pens, markers and other writing instruments while also helping raise funds for schools, charities, and nonprofits nationwide. Collection centers called "Writing Instrument Brigades" will be set up at participating locales, primarily in large corporations and schools where writing instruments are used most. For every writing instrument collected at a Writing Instrument Brigade collection center, two cents will be paid to a school, community group, charity or non-profit organization of the participant's choice. Overall, the collection efforts will reduce landfill proliferation, educate and inspire consumers to get involved, and provide much needed funding to schools and nonprofit groups nationwide.

The collected writing instruments will be dissembled and/or reprocessed to make new products. For more information on the Writing Instruments Brigade, visit any of these Web sites: www.sharpie.com, www.papermate.com, www.expomarkers.com.

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