Wrigley's releases three new tropical flavors

CHICAGO As the summer draws to a close, the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company has developed new tropical flavors for three of its most popular chewing gums, the confectionary giant announced Thursday.

Wrigley’s Eclipse FusionTM, Hubba Bubba MaxR, and Orbit WhiteR, have expanded their product lines with new blended fruit flavors. Eclipse FusionTM has developed a Freshmint Tropical flavor; Hubba Bubba MaxO has unveiled its new flavor called Island PunchTM, and Orbit WhiteR will give mouths "a good, clean feeling" with its new Melon BreezeTM. All flavors are currently available nationwide, with prices ranging from $0.59 to $2.99, depending on packet size.

The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, a recognized leader in confections with a wide range of product offerings including gum, mints, hard and chewy candies, lollipops, and chocolate, boasts global sales of nearly $4.7 billion and distributes its world-famous brands in more than 180 countries.

"Wrigley is committed to keeping our brands fresh and to offering our consumers new and exciting products," said Paul Chibe, Vice President of U.S. Marketing. "Gum-lovers are looking for bold, fruit flavors and we are pleased to give consumers these new flavor combinations to satisfy their taste buds."

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