Wrigley sinks teeth into calcium-infused gum

NEW YORK — Wrigley is packing a new type of gum in its "down under" market.

The company launched in Australia and New Zealand new Extra Professional Calcium, a sugar-free line of gum that contains microgranules that are designed to whiten teeth and feature added calcium. The company said that chewing Extra gum products stimulated saliva, which contains more bicarbonate, calcium and phosphate to help remineralize tooth enamel.

Wrigley, however, isn't the only company to launch a calcium-infused chewing gum. Back in 2008, rival Trident introduced a sugarless gum that featured Recaldent, milk-based calcium that strengthens tooth enamel and fills the small crevices that can develop into cavities, parent company Cadbury Adams USA said at the time. Shortly afterward, Wrigley filed a claim with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to Trident's Xtra Care ads, which promoted the calcium-building ingredient.

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