Wrenchers Body Shop's natural skin care line making mark in tattoo industry

FALLBROOK, Calif. — As tattoos increasingly penetrate mainstream culture, Wrenchers Body Shop has seen an uptick in sales within the body art industry of its Hands Maid and Babied Hands line of botanical skin care launched in early 2012, and now the company is seeking manufacturer representatives to assist in marketing.

With its headquarters located near the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton, Wrenchers has seen a decided uptick in sales of its products to the body art industry. After soldiers complete their training there, they are often covered with tattoos but soon realize they need to take care of their body art to protect both their skin and newly acquired investments. While body art is considered highly fashionable, certain safeguards should be taken to protect tattooed skin from petrochemical solvents, lye-based soaps or heavy-duty solvent skin cleansers, the company stated. Until now, many conventional products did more harm than good. Many hand cleaners, for example, contain pumice, or volcanic rock — which takes its toll by removing much more than just grease and grime on your hands.

"Many products made for tattoo aftercare are ointments, which tend to cover the skin and can clog pores. Botanical lotions are absorbed into the skin, providing tissue hydration," stated Edward Buscis, managing member of Wrenchers. "Often, aftercare products contain synthetic and petrochemicals in their formulations that may include propylene glycol, lanolin, and mineral oil."

The company stated that a growing number of tattoo shops have climbed aboard the Wrenchers bandwagon in praising the efficacy of its products for helping protect clients' skin and their body art.

"The owner of a local tattoo shop who has been in business for over 20 years here says our products are really making a difference for his customers," added Buscis. "Our lotion protects not only their skin, but also the artwork that was applied to their body. For a body artist, the skin is their canvas — it's a one-of-a-kind image that can't be reproduced."

Wrechers is currently seeking manufacturer representatives to assist in marketing to the tattoo industry, especially those who deal with skin art care. In addition, both Hands Maid and Babied Hands are being well-received independently across the nation as Wrenchers continues to expand its reach into other commercial markets and global distribution, the company stated.

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