WomenHeart, Colgate Total toothpaste launch Heartwarming Smiles campaign

WASHINGTON In recognition of American Heart Month, a national coalition for women with heart disease and a toothpaste brand have launched a campaign to help educate women throughout the United States about the impact proper oral care can have on their heart health.

WomenHeart and Colgate Total's Heartwarming Smiles initiative focus on empowering women by providing the knowledge and tools needed to make positive lifestyle changes to help reduce their risk of heart disease. The campaign's online resource, www.womenheart.org/ourPartners/heartwarmingsmiles.cfm, is specifically designed to encourage women to engage their physician in discussing their overall health and the simple changes they can make to help reduce the risk of heart disease and improve their oral care.

Recent research shows that poor oral health, specifically severe gum disease, is often associated with the development of cardiovascular disease. There is an increasing need for patients to have open lines of communication with their dentists and physicians. According to a recent survey conducted by Kelton Research, on behalf of Colgate-Palmolive, 53% of people surveyed with primary care physicians reported that their doctors have never discussed oral health during appointments. Similarly, more than a third (35%) of people surveyed stated that despite visiting the dental office, their dentists have never discussed issues beyond dental health in their appointments.


To learn more about the Heartwarming Smiles campaign, please visit www.womenheart.org.


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