Women critique media as source of health information

NEW YORK — Where do women turn for information on more sensitive health topics? Do women believe that men's health issues get more attention in the media? To get answers to these questions, as well as many others, DSNTV recently took to the streets of Manhattan to speak with women to get their perspectives.

The video, titled "Insights Into Women's Health," is the first of a two-part series sponsored by Insight Pharmaceuticals, whose brand portfolio includes EPT and Monistat.

"If anybody watches TV, it seems every other commercial is about Cialis or some kind of male-stimulating pill. I'd say men's health gets much more attention just in the popular media unless you're reading a specific women-related magazine …" one woman told DSNTV.

When asked what would make it easier to get information on more embarrassing women-specific health issues, one woman said, "full access to my gynecologist whenever I may need or perhaps at a drug store, if there was someone there that knew more about that area and I could ask them questions."

To watch the video, click here.

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