Winn-Dixie inks deal with Green Secure Solutions

Provides sanitized shopping carts, baskets, trays

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Through a new exclusive agreement with Green Secure Solutions, Winn-Dixie is implementing a patent-pending process to clean, sanitize and protect shopping carts, hand baskets, handicap carts, food trays and other equipment at its 484 stores.

Winn-Dixie said Green Secure Solutions' mobile sanitizing units act like a car wash, where shopping carts and other equipment are cleaned with a high-temperature, pressurized shower sterilized with hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light. The retailer said by using this process, it can assure customers' health is protected.

"This service protects our customers' health by using an environmentally safe product that continues to kill bacteria and other microorganisms for six months between treatments," said Mary Kellmanson, Winn-Dixie group VP marketing. "Green Secure Solutions has serviced every one of our stores, and now they are beginning a second round of treatments, creating an invisible shield that provides additional protection for our customers and the food they're buying."


- 3:07 PM
Paul W. Stamm says

We at Fleet Cleaning Supply have invented a Grocery Cart Sanitizing System called the " Germ Annihilator " that will kill 99.8% of the Germs on a Grocery Cart etc. as they come in from the parking lot an passed through a 4.5 ft. tunnel.Not one at a time , but a many as you choose to push through. The unit uses about 16 Sq. ft of space and uses only (1) 120 Volt grounded outlet.It uses UVC to accomplish this. The testing was done at EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY ENVIRONMENTAL LABRATORY to insure the above results. Paten is Pending. To view the unit go We refer to it as the GREEN MACHINE because it generates no waste and no Wipes to be disposed of.Surveys have indicated a Grocery Cart is used 7 times per day ,this means it would be degermed 7 times per day. Its that simple

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