Will paperless receipts become the norm?

NEW YORK — After Apple began giving consumers the option to receive paperless receipts, it seems that other retailers are following suit, according to published reports.

While it's common knowledge that cutting back on the use of paper has a positive impact on the environment, eco-conscious consumers that would prefer to receive their receipts electronically (via e-mail) now may have more options.

A new report by the Boston Herald said many retailers already have opted in to use a paperless option. The report noted that some retailers, including Whole Foods and many apparel retailers, have tapped such software makers as Intuit, the developer of Quick Receipts, to provide customers with a more environmentally friendly option to keep a record of their purchases.

“It’s the next big thing in retail,” Richard Mader, executive director of the Association for Retail Technology Standards, a division of the National Retail Federation, said. “In five years, up to 60% of retailers will go paperless.”

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