Why you should be paying attention to C2B Mobile Insights

WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT — The jobs report might have been a punch to the gut, and the economy definitely still has not figured itself out, yet there appears to be some cause for optimism amid drug store shoppers, as consumers tell DSN they shopped longer and bought more than they anticipated during their most recent trip to the drug store.

(THE NEWS: DSN C2B Mobile Insights presents the drug store shopping report card. For the full report, click here)

From top to bottom, you can learn a lot about how customers are shopping your stores these days from the most recent edition of the DSN C2B Mobile Insights series. We asked thousands of consumers from all over the country to tell us about their most recent trip to the drug store, and the good news was that almost half shopped longer than they planned to; the better news, almost half of those that did, said what kept them in the store was the shopping itself, versus some service-related complaint (e.g., long checkout line, couldn’t find item, etc.).

In all, the Drug Store Shopping Report Card presents 18 different datapoints relative to how more than 1,500 consumers are shopping your stores and what they are putting in their shopping baskets. You should be paying attention to C2B Mobile Insights for two reasons. First, we have the ability to geo-target thousands of shoppers from all over the country — or in any particular region or market area — and unlike someone who randomly answers the telephone, we actually know who are C2B-ers are. Second, you have the ability to do it, too.

For more information on how to use C2B field research capabilities to perform customized reports for your brand, contact reder@lf.com.

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