Whole Foods Market releases exclusive plant-based product line

AUSTIN, Texas — To meet growing consumer demand for healthier choices, Whole Foods Market is introducing Engine 2 Plant-Strong products, a new line of plant-based, minimally processed snacks, breakfast items and pantry staples. Developed in collaboration with Rip Esselstyn, author and founder of The Engine 2 Diet, the products will be available exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide beginning January 2013.

"Rip has inspired thousands of Whole Foods Market shoppers and team members to make smarter food choices as a partner in our healthy eating program," said Errol Schweizer, global grocery coordinator at Whole Foods Market. "Engine 2 products taste great and are a healthy option for popular snacks and pantry staples."

The products also adhere to The Engine 2 Diet guidelines, which means they are lower in fat, contain minimal to no added sugar, never contain animal products or added oils and aim for a one-to-one sodium-to-calories ratio per serving. These deliciously healthful products include:

Rip's Big Bowl – A whole grain- and omega-3-packed cereal available in three flavors including Original, Banana Walnut and Triple Berry.

Hummus – Available in Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper and Jalapeno Cilantro flavors, these "Plant-Strong" spreads don't contain added oil and are lower in calories, total fat and sodium.

Unsweetened Almond Milk – Vanilla or Original, these non-dairy milks are fortified with vitamin B12 and boast rich, toasted almond flavor.

Organic Crispbreads – Available in Plain and Seeded varieties, these crunchy snacks contain no added sugar, oil or whey and have been Non-GMO Project verified.

Cantina-Style Salsa – Roma tomatoes and fire-roasted peppers combine for fresh, flavorful salsa without the high sodium content.

Organic Whole Grain Tortillas – Sprouted Ancient Grains or Gluten-Free Brown Rice, both with no added oil.

"It is a dream come true to see the Engine 2 Plant-Strong food line come to fruition," Esselstyn said. "I know these products will make it easier for people to eat healthy and live plant-strong!"

Esselstyn and Whole Foods Market chefs also collaborated to create a series of Engine 2 Plant-Strong recipes, including Hummus Veggie Pizza, Baked Penne with Spicy Rose Sauce and Rip's Chocolate Treats.


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JenniferB says

Now-a-days more number of people are demanding healthier foods in comparison to the others foods as these foods helps in building health of a person and with the help of this there are many people those who like to eat and these whole foods is introducing new engine 2 plant food which will deliver new plant food products. These plant food products are helpful as these foods contain low fat than the other products. organic plant foods

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