Whole Foods gets in step with GeoPalz kid-friendly pedometer program

BOULDER, Colo. — GeoPalz on Tuesday announced its partnership with Whole Foods around an endcap featuring the companies line of kid-friendly pedometers.

Along with distributing promotional flyers and hosting in-store GeoPalz demos, Whole Foods will showcase GeoPalz in its “Back to School Essentials” displays within the stores. The store’s team members will be active participants in the GeoPalz program. Each will wear a button encouraging shoppers to, “Ask me how many steps I’ve taken!”

Steps recorded by GeoPalz convert into points, which are then tallied on the GeoPalz website and redeemed for prizes, including gift cards donated by Whole Foods Market, the company stated.

Whole Foods Market is rolling out GeoPalz 2D pendulum pedometers that are worn on the hip and are available in 24 kid-friendly designs targeting children ages 5 years and older. GeoPalz motivates children and their families to be active by converting their steps into points that can be redeemed for free activity-based products, sports equipment and outdoor toys on the GeoPalz website.

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