Who better than pharmacy to boost medication compliance?

WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT’S IMPORTANT — Farmers and tradesmen. That’s who politicians used to be. Back then, legislative initiatives weren’t splintered by a hundred different agendas. But the reality of today’s lawmaking process is so much more convoluted; that’s why educating policy-makers around the hardwood issues is so paramount.

(THE NEWS: NACDS president opines about the cost of medication nonadherence. For the full story, click here.)

And you can’t get much more paramount than the cost of health care. That really gets to the roots in all of this healthcare reform. It’s become a question of how do you deliver on yesterday's promise of Medicare and Medicaid today and at the same time budget for it tomorrow?

That’s why this kind of independent editorial content is so valuable. While the advertisers supporting this Media Planet publication — full-page advertisers included Cardinal Health, CVS Caremark, McKesson and Merck — all may have a stake in the outcome, the indisputable fact remains that increased medication compliance saves dollars. And the medical profession best equipped to augment that compliance is pharmacy.

NACDS, of course, isn’t the only association trumpeting a quantified healthcare value. The Consumer Healthcare Products Association is about to set off an advocacy campaign of its own, targeting Congress that will seek to do for the medicine cabinet what “Got Milk?” did for the dairy case.

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