Take Care Health Systems to offer 'recovery plan' for unemployed patients

The announcement by Take Care Health Systems that it is offering free health services at its clinics throughout the rest of the year for those who lose their jobs couldn't have come at a more critical time.


In fact, the numbers just came in, and it doesn’t look good. The nation’s unemployment rate rose to 8.5% in March, the highest since late 1983. And, as we all know, the loss of a job too often means the loss of health benefits.



With its high quality care, convenient locations and flexible hours, retail clinic operators like Take Care Health Systems are in an ideal position to help patients get through this tough economic time. Not only does the program help keep unemployed patients healthy but it also will drive clinic traffic and awareness and further underscore the important role these clinics play in the overall U.S. healthcare system.



It is a tactic that a few other industries have already taken, namely the automobile industry with some dealerships offering to cover car payments for those customers who find themselves laid off. No doubt this is an enticing offer from participating car dealerships, but the reality is that nothing surpasses one’s health and the health of their family; so why not extend such a concept to the healthcare arena?



As Greg Wasson, Walgreens president, CEO, stated in the article, “Walgreens and Take Care Health Systems will not stand idly by as individuals are forced by the hardships of the economy to choose among basic necessities, such as health care, housing and food. Quality, accessible and affordable care should be the right of every individual.”



While it isn’t as extensive as Take Care Health Systems’ “Take Care Recovery Plan,” nor is it geared specifically toward those patients who have lost their job, The Little Clinic is offering free health screenings and assessments throughout the year at its clinic locations.



As previously reported by Drug Store News, each month The Little Clinic will focus on specific health observances (i.e. National Nutrition Month in March) and will offer related free health screenings and assessments throughout the year.



Hal Rosenbluth, president of Walgreens Health and Wellness division and chairman of Take Care Health Systems, said that a family?s healthcare needs shouldn?t take a backseat to the economy.



Fortunately, with programs such as the “Take Care Recovery Plan,” patients can put themselves back in the driver’s seat.


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