CVS Caremark study notes lack of adherence to cholesterol-lowering medications

When it comes to nonadherence of prescription medications, it is often senior citizens who are the subject of the discussion, but the findings of the recent CVS Caremark study point to those under the age of 45. The findings are not only alarming but also important as they further demonstrate the need for healthcare reform and for retail pharmacy to rise to the challenge and be part of the solution.

Unless steps are taken to address the problem of non-adherence, these younger adults will further weigh on an already broken healthcare system because they face an increased risk for developing heart disease, which, in the end, will increase their healthcare costs. As it stands, non-adherence currently costs the United States an estimated $177 billion a year.

CVS Caremark has been vocal on its desire to be on the front lines of health care and clearly recognizes that it is in an ideal position to help with the healthcare solution. In fact, much of its focus has been on adherence programs, disease management and wellness programs.

As described in the article, CVS Caremark has developed the Proactive Pharmacy Care approach, which engages patients earlier with education and personalized outreach to improve adherence. According to CVS Caremark, its Adherence to Care program has been shown to help increase adherence to high cholesterol therapies with those members under 45 years of age who participate in the program experiencing a medication possession ratio increase of more than 9%. 

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