CRN launches collaborative program to educate consumers on dietary supplements

NEW YORK The most significant piece of news to come out of this (outside of the fact that CRN’s popular “Life…supplemented” campaign will continue) is the proposed survey of registered dieticians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. Because while prior surveys of doctors and registered nurses that teased out exactly how many of those healthcare practitioners supplement themselves, and recommend that they’re patients do so as well, is important, more important will be measuring the response from this survey.


And that’s because this survey will actually measure the attitudes of those healthcare practitioners consumers see more often — the readily accessible pharmacist, nurse practitioner and, in those pharmacies that are actually fielding comprehensive programs (around diabetes, for example), registered nutritionists.



Drug Store News’ fearless prediction: like the doctors and registered nurses before them, many healthcare practitioners actively pursue healthier lifestyles, and that includes supplementing their diets with appropriate nutrients. And that means this group of practitioners will likewise supplement more often than not, and recommend their patients supplement as well in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.



Conclusions drawn from this survey will have greater traction among suppliers and retailers in retail pharmacy, simply because this data will be more actionable. Based on CRN’s pending survey, suppliers and retailers will be better able to partner around comprehensive programs that tap into the expertise and enthusiasm healthcare professionals in the pharmacy setting have and exhibit concerning dietary supplements.


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