Sip away your stress

Frontier Beverage’s Unwind relaxation drink

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —More relaxation drinks are trickling into the market. The beverages, designed to be stress-reducing, have become popular with consumers looking for an anti-energy choice. The drinks were named a top trend for 2010 on both “The View” and “Good Morning America.”

Unwind, the latest entry in the category, will roll out to retail in June. The calming, carbonated drink made by Frontier Beverage is available in three flavors—goji grape, pom berry and citrus orange—and contains valerian root, rose hips and passion flower—herbs used to treat anxiety and insomnia. The beverage contains 40 calories and 10 g of sugar, and retails for between $1.99 and $2.49 for a 12-oz. can.

Frontier Beverage CEO Terry Harris said the product will be a great fit for the drug channel. “Both businesses and consumers are equally frazzled by the uncertain economy that lies ahead. Drug stores opting to stock products that encourage relaxation stand to gain new customers who are desperately in need of an easily accessible way to reduce stress after a long day,” he said.

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